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Registration of participants on the 2020 Memorial Ride

Published: 07.06.2020

Eliška and Čeněk Junek Memorial Ride 2020


Dear friends, fans of Eliška and Čeněk Junek, fans of motor sports and history,


Now that the tough situation is finally getting better everywhere, we would like to invite you to Litomyšl again, to join us and enjoy the fourth memorial ride of Eliška and Čeněk Junek. This year, in addition to the main program on Saturday, we have prepared for you also a short ride through the historic town of Litomyšl on Friday evening.


The long-awaited registrations for this year’s event are open now. There are two separate forms this year. Please use one to register to the event and another one to choose your accommodation.


Like in 2018, we again kindly request you to submit photos of your historic vehicles; they will be published in the ride’s entry list document.


Please remember that vehicles of production year up to 1948 are preferred and the online form will not allow you to register a younger vehicle. However, if you do want to come with a younger vehicle, please contact us directly, as soon as possible.


Like in 2018, the new dorms building of local high school will provide accommodation facilities again. Accommodation in the buildings of Litomyšl castle is available too, as well as selected guesthouses throughout the town. You can also book your own accommodation – please check the recommended options here.





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